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Opened in 1998, our company has joined the home installation services contractors’ community around the city of Toronto and GTA. Since then, our company has been providing exclusive assemblies, custom products installations, maintenance, repairs and custom work for both residential and commercial sectors.


Thirteen years ago when we first introduced our services, we realized that the complexity of the products found on today’s market requires installations or custom assembly and there is been a continuous demand performance to install merchandises for the community residents. By understanding this aspect, we saw potential and excellence between our professional skills and qualification and we decided to step in and offer our capabilities everywhere is needed to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Today, we continue our dedicated “Quality Services” tradition that entitled us to offer our great projects, best performance and reliable installations. By achieving this level, we know that every client must be treated with the highest level of professionalism, respect and assured with the best quality service.

Our Vision

After 13 years of technical experience we are committed to improve our skills with  exceptional quality on new challenging projects, quick product execution and effectiveness.

Our successful expertise consists of several important keys:

·        1. Continuously improving quality and accuracy

·        2. Seeking new possibilities to improve work efficiency

·        3. Increase flexibility, speed and work performance

·        4. Ability to provide new services to exceed customer satisfaction

Our strength is our ability to develop true interest, responsiveness and deliver unique solutions that help our clients to meet key business objectives.

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