General Home Refurbishments

Our 13 years experience ensures that we can approach any work within a home or office confidently and added to our wide skills and qualifications, it means we can provide a service that is second to none.

Whether you need a room recreated or an entire house renovated, we can provide the solution and match the installations exactly to your requirements. We can do it all to the highest standards with safety, durability and reliability all guaranteed and whatever you want, we can custom design and install it just the way you want it.

Our experienced and highly skilled team can provide a wide range of general home refurbishments. From joining rooms to separating them, building entire new ones or renovating them we can offer you any number of possibilities for your home and we can help to unlock much bigger spaces.

By separating rooms, not only are you increasing your property’s living space, you are also increasing the value of your home. Our experienced and highly trained team are more than capable of doing this and ensures that anyone looking at the rooms would never know they used to be as one.

Likewise, we can also expertly join rooms and keep the ceiling levels the same, as well as keeping the décor similar. When some builders complete a project like this, the ceiling is evidently different proportions and levels – with MK Builders you will never have to worry about this. Our customer focused approach and professionalism means that you only get the very best refurbishment service. You would not expect anything less and neither do we.