Single or Double Storey Extensions

Not only do single or double storey extensions increase your living space and create the opportunity to add an additional bedroom or bathroom, but they also add value to your property.

Bespoke solutions

Whether you are after just one extra room or an entire extension to your house, MK Builders can provide bespoke solutions, in either single or double storey extensions.

Single Storey ExtensionTo ensure that the new extension, whether single or double, does not take away from the aesthetically pleasing appearance of your existing building, we will use all new materials that match the brickwork, tiling and window style.

Our skilled and experienced team can handle any challenges thrown at them and if you would like to create an extra bedroom and bathroom and extend your living room on the ground floor, look no further than MK Builders. Indeed, many of our customers use our services to create additional living space in their homes or build a new garage or conservatory extension.

With single and double storey extensions, there is always the additional stress and paperwork that comes with gaining planning permission. Our skilled team will work alongside our architectural aides to take care of this for you and they are knowledgeable on all the aspects of planning law and permission.

Indeed, our team of experienced builders understand that first floor rear extensions should be no higher than 3m for attached houses or 4m for detached ones. Alongside that, they also appreciate that a two storey extensions cannot be located any closer than 7m to the rear property boundary.